Hello, I am Rahul Kumar. I want to share my journey in 2020.I want to share how a student can learn anything with right education from a right mentor.

Let’s start :

Hello Connections,

“It is always right to keep Learning and Sharing Right Knowledge”…

I have recently attended the Practical oriented Workshop Organized by Linux World with association with Redhat on Industrial Application of Ansible in Automation using Ansible Tower.

For Organizing such a Informative, practical Oriented and awesome session I would like to Thank my Mentor & Guru Mr. Vimal Daga sir and Preeti mam. It was a Best Gift that I have received from your side, It was my good Fortune to listen these Great People.

The session Covered many Industrial Aspects of Ansible and Ansible Tower which are as follows :=

  • Automation Introduction, application and Use-cases.
  • Tools used for…

What is Kubernetes ? 👦

Kubernetes is open source software that allows you to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. Kubernetes manages clusters of Amazon EC2 compute instances and runs containers on those instances with processes for deployment, maintenance, and scaling. Using Kubernetes, you can run any type of containerized applications using the same toolset on-premises and in the cloud.


Kubernetes works by managing a cluster of compute instances and scheduling containers to run on the cluster based on the available compute resources and the resource requirements of each container. …

What Is Ansible ? 🤔

Ansible is a software tool that provides simple but powerful automation for cross-platform computer support.

Ansible is a configuration management platform that automates storage, servers, and networking. When you use Ansible to configure these components, difficult manual tasks become repeatable and less vulnerable to error. It is primarily intended for IT professionals, who use it for application deployment, updates on workstations and servers, cloud provisioning, configuration management, intra-service orchestration, and nearly anything a systems administrator does on a weekly or daily basis.

How does Ansible work?

First of all what is AWS ?

AWS is the most popular form. It improves efficiency and provides relief for any number of business practices.

Back in the 2000s, businesses were completely dependent on purchased servers, and those servers had limited functionality and steep prices.

The more growth businesses experienced, the more servers and optimization practices they needed. Acquiring those items proved inefficient, and, sometimes, prohibitively expensive.

The advantages of AWS have solved many of those problems. Companies using AWS have servers available instantly, and AWS provides various workloads, increased storage options, and enhanced security measures.

A Brief History of AWS

AWS was launched in 2002. The company wanted to sell its…

What is Big Data Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source, Java based framework used for storing and processing big data. The data is stored on inexpensive commodity servers that run as clusters. Its distributed file system enables concurrent processing and fault tolerance. Developed by Doug Cutting and Michael J. Cafarella, Hadoop uses the MapReduce programming model for faster storage and retrieval of data from its nodes. The framework is managed by Apache Software Foundation and is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

For years, while the processing power of application servers has been increasing manifold, databases have lagged behind due to their limited capacity and…

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