Industry use case on Automation using Ansible- Demo by Redhat experts ‘Sreejith Anujan’​ sir and’​ Arun Eapen’​ sir (Practical Implementation)…

Hello Connections,

“It is always right to keep Learning and Sharing Right Knowledge”…

For Organizing such a Informative, practical Oriented and awesome session I would like to Thank my Mentor & Guru Mr. Vimal Daga sir and Preeti mam. It was a Best Gift that I have received from your side, It was my good Fortune to listen these Great People.

The session Covered many Industrial Aspects of Ansible and Ansible Tower which are as follows :=

  • Automation Introduction, application and Use-cases.
  • Tools used for Automation.
  • Introduction To Ansible Tower GUI and CLI.
  • How to Configure AWS environment : Create instances, VPC, IG, etc On AWS using Ansible Tower.
  • Learned about the Credential Field which helps us to make User Authentication simpler. Ansible Tower has a Database at backend which maintains the login details of various services like AWS account, GCP account, etc.
  • Learned about API’s to connect and access various services like AWS cloud, Oracle Cloud.
  • For accessing Oracle Cloud we have to set up python virtual environment first and then using that Virtual Environment using Oracle api we can use and Configure Oracle Cloud.
  • Learned about Workflows in Ansible Tower and a way to Run Playbook one after other. We can design our own Workflow to acheive desired Use-case.
  • By concept of Orchestration it is very simple to manage the Workflow in Ansible. Their was a awesome Demo on it.
  • We learned about Job templates.
  • Ansible Tower also sends Notification about your Workflow and it’s current status to your mentioned Chat application like Slack channel.
  • There is an issue in Ansible which can be solved through Ansible Tower i.e In Ansible if Our Control Node Fails then our whole Automation Fails that will do us a great harm. Ansible Tower provides Scalable Clustering feature with which we can have High Availability. Even if our Control Node Fails Our Automation Doesn’t Fail.

So, These were some of the points I learned from the session. I wish to attend more such sessions in Future….